The Site

The Market Lands are 2.4 acres, comprised of four parcels, bound by James Avenue to North, King Street to the East, William Avenue to the South, and Princess Street to the West. The surrounding properties are some of the key landmarks in downtown Winnipeg.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The site is connected by an underground walkway to Winnipeg’s City Hall and Administration Building, as well as the Manitoba Centennial Centre, east of Main Street. South is the Exchange District National Historic Site and Old Market Square. To the north is the Chinese Cultural Centre, the centrepiece of Chinatown. Red River College's downtown campus straddles the site with its Duff Roblin Building to west and its Patterson Global Foods Institute to the south/east.
The southern eastern parcel (Parcel B) on the site is bound by a historic caveat with a reversionary interest, requiring the land to be used for public purposes and purposes of the City of Winnipeg corporation. Potential development ideas for this portion of the site will need to be reviewed for legal conformity to this caveat. Sale or development of the other parcels is not restricted beyond current zoning and other standard development regulations.
​The Market Lands are within the Warehouse Character Sector of the downtown, as defined and described in the ​​​​ Downtown Winnipeg Zoning By-Law No. 100/2004 . A variety of uses are permitted in this Sector, such as residential, commercial, office, institutional, cultural and parks. The intent of this Sector is:

  • To regulate a compatible mix of use
  • To ensure that the built form is contextual and complimentary to surroundings
  • To highlight the importance of urban design review, which further reinforces the existing values of the surrounding built form
  • To encourage enhanced pedestrian comfort through urban design

New buildings within the Warehouse Character Sector may not be less than 25 feet (approximately 2 storeys), nor exceed 100 feet in height (approximately 8-10 storeys) without obtaining a Variance. Building setbacks in this Sector are not required – front and corner side yards can only be a maximum of 5 feet. However, residential uses in this Sector require minimum interior side and rear yards.
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